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Rajasthan Raj Palace Heritage Ayurveda Resort Hotel Rajasthan India                                                                                                                       Ayurveda Resorts Rajasthanla


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Raj Palace is a heritage hotel, one of the leading Small Luxury Hotels of Jaipur, situated at Rajasthan in India. If you are looking for a real luxurious experience with a true Indian flavour, then we are the right place for you, as we are one of the best luxury hotels. It is one of the best Jaipur, hotels and has one the finest Jaipur restaurants and bars The Raj Palace, heritage hotel is situated in the pink city of Jaipur, a city known for many historical places like the Hawa Mahal, the Jantar Mantar, the City Palace, the Amber Fort, the Rambagh Palace, the Jai Mahal, the Albert Hall Museum, as well as many other forts, palaces, castles, and havelis with very rich heritage and .


The Raj Palace is one of the finest palace hotels, a boutique hotel with only suites and beautiful multi-cuisine restaurants, that has one of the biggest crystal chandelier of India and a beautiful antique crockery museum with a collection of around 200 years old antique crockery used by the royalty i.e. the kings and queens, including the Maharaja of Jaipur and Maharani of Jaipur. The Palace also has the pictures of the famous people who have visited, dined or slept in the embrace of this palace, which include Sawai Jai Singh, Maharani Gayatri Devi, Lord Mountbatten, Maharaja Man Singh, Rawal Sangram Singh of the Samode Palace, Amitabh Bachchan, Fredrick Forsyth, Elaine Page, as well as many other famous Kings and Queens and various dignitaries belonging to the Royal Families all over the world.


This is what makes the Raj Palace the best luxury hotel and a site seeing destination of Jaipur, Rajasthan, after the Amber Fort, and the Jal Mahal that is also known as the Lake Palace. Raj Palace offers world class facilities and services, in order to make your holidays even more adventurous and luxurious by offering facilities of a Spa, Ayurvedic Massages, Kerela Massages, Beauty and Herbal Treatments to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. We also run Elephant and Camel Safaris from the hotel to the Amber Fort every morning to see the historical sites of Jaipur. If you have some holiday plans like the ones that include site seeing different places at Jaipur, kindly contact us to organize your tour of the whole of Jaipur, with our special packages, and the best rates for Luxury Hotels in Jaipur."



Restaurant and Bars

Swapna Mahal (Multicusine Restaurant) : Formal receptions remained the focal activity of courtly life during the British period. Hence the Thakur Sahib made The Swapna Mahal imitating the great houses of the British and French
nobility, this hall is completely fitted out with European furniture, chandeliers, mirrors, curtains and a crockery collections. The Swapna Mahal means the palace of Dreams. The double height celing has breathtaking majestic crystal chandeliers and panels of silk curtains will take you to the dream world.    

Built with several beautiful arches, silver Jharokas and colored glasses, the Swapna Mahal is the multi cuisine restaurant of The Raj Palace. The setting of dining hall conjures up images of its fantastic past and every meal is tribute to royalty. Every chair and table of the restaurant is so elegantly designed which will give you the feeling of the princely state and Maharaja’s.

Our crockery museum inside the restaurant will take you to the history and will show you the crockery used in 17th and 18th Century The Swapna Mahal is a place for your dream comes true; it is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Kebab Shop (Live Barbe Que) : The Mughals have invad
ed again, but this time it’s royal chefs who have been invited all the way from Lucknow especially to pamper the taste buds of the royals, Imported wines and champagnes were served to the nobles and rich on formal occasions. 

Our Kebab Shop is now a perfect choice for the one who is looking for a variety of Vegetarian and non vegetarian Mughlai delicacies ranging from Kebabs to Biryani's, prepared to perfection by our chefs. Kebab Shop is open for dinner.

The Royal Lounge (Coffee Shop) : Thakur Sahib use to meet his
officials for the small meetings and coffee breaks in the royal lounge.

The Royal Lounge is fitted with Royal furniture, mirrors and Celebrity
museum, it has beautiful arches, decorated in tones of pink, green sand gold, the floor is embellished with Italian marble. The Royal Lounge exudes an elegant Royal ambience and it offers an impeccable service with great attention to detail.

The afternoon conservatory tea of the Royal Lounge is served with a variety of lip smacking cakes, cookies, sandwiches complimented by the fine selection of Signature French press coffees and freshly infused teas.

Shikarbadi (The Bar) : Royal in the 19th and 20th centuries gave particular emphasis to the pursuit of pleasure and comfort. Palaces created special pavilions for European visitors these were none other than pleasure pavilions, designed purposely for recreation and pleasure, with facilities for sports and games, including Hunting Bars.

Shikarbadi as this pavilion was popularly known, is adorned with rare
artifacts, Trophies, Memorabilia’s and leather upholstered furniture from the west, it creates a dramatic old world charm. To demonstrate regal command over the elements of water and earth the Royals were fond of Hunting tigers and wild animals as a symbol of being most powerful.

This bar has a relaxed charm and was used by Thakur sahib with his close friends to get together, The great hunting plans and experiences were discussed here finest Wines made in the Palace own distillery were served along with Bar be que preparations of the game meats during these Durbars .Today In the finest tradition of Rajput hospitality, the shikarbadi offers its guests a taste of royal living - a luxury and extravagance that was once the sole preserve of the kings The magic spun by such an ambience blended with the choicest wines, spirits and liquors can only be experienced, not explained as the best of Royalty and dignitaries over the centuries have been served here.


At The Raj Palace Hotel, you get numerous combinations and possibilities of space and seating arrangements, accessibility to high quality audio visual equipments, creative menu options and of course themes which make business at The Raj Palace not usual but extraordinary, especially for hosting conferences, meetings, conventions and corporate events. 

The hotel puts at your disposal 4 separate venues, tastefully appointed halls, two well-maintained lawns that can accommodate upto 300 guests. Located at the main Delhi - Jaipur National highway with an ample parking space, The Raj Palace is ready for any conference, meetings or special events; from an intimate party of 20 guests, to a open air seminar of 200 or even a grand reception of 400 guests.




• Manoranjan: In the 18th Century, the Thakur Sahib has got the first Gramophone (popularly known as CHURI WALA BAAZA), the public from the all the connecting villages and Thikanas came to the haveli to see that Baaza and it was a grand occasion in the evening, later the Churi wala Baaza was converted into the Radio and then the television.

Manoranjan, the hi tech digital potential place for the canvas moving pictures and their perfect melodrama. The cozy home theatre entertains with a big collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies with subtitles in various European languages. The theatre has a big space for luxury push back chairs with fold write pads. It is designed with Acoustics innovations and has state of art technology and latest 2000 Lumen LCD Projector.

• Marionette Show : Rajasthan is famous for the shows of Marionette, the hotel have the artist who are performing their show during the time Raj Singh ji and other Thakur sahib’s of the royal family. The show has become a necessary part after the meals.




While there are many objective reasons to prefer The Raj Palace, there are others that can only be experienced never explained. The Raj Palace has 29 Rooms / Suites with 38 bedrooms overlooking towards Gardens, Chandani Chowk (Courtyard), and the pool. Each suite / room is unique and each seems still to breathe the spirit of illustrious guests who once stayed here.

The Palace Suites are Speciality set up suites and offer the complete Royal apartment blocks within the Palace which include multiple bedrooms, Living rooms, Dining room, Private access to Home theatre, Gym Spa , Pool , Kitchen, Staff accommodation, Meeting rooms, Office , Library etc. they are actually own private Pavilions within The Palace.

Our prestige suites were lived by the heads of the other royal Family guests , The crowned prince and the Maharani Sahiba. And other wives of Thakur Sahib - a bedroom where each guest would find recreated the comfort and elegance of finest level of Royal Luxury.

The historical suites were lived by the Royal Dignitaries of other Thikanas, other wives of Thakur Sahib and wife of Crowned prince and other senior members of The Royal Family these suites have best view with large area and are laid with finest Italian Marble the bathrooms have the latest in design and technology and are laid in finest Italian marble the original old Royal antique furniture is used in most of these suites they have a private museum with valuable collections of the Royal Family.


The superior royal rooms and Heritage Rooms are perfect for the people who are looking for traditional luxury as each of them is offering a different experience in princely living. The renovated Heritage rooms offer luxurious Big Bathrooms and are the perfect retreat for the senses, rich in terms of textures and colours, each superior royal room has also been redesigned for the comfort of our royal guests. Each room offers a harmonious blend of modern convenience amidst Royal World charm. Double or twin all are generously proportioned. Guests re live the Rajputana era in refined and refurbished rooms and a spacious bathroom with rich bath amenities help guests sink into the palatial experience.

Palace Suites

These suites are Speciality suites providing a complete individual personal Royal house accommodation within the Palace as per guest needs. They have a very large area above 400sqmtrs to 2000sqmtrs and also combine the Private entrance , A private Lounge , sleeping chamber's for the Thakur Sahib and the Maharani Sahiba , dining area , lavish large luxurious bathrooms , private sections/floors , Private Kitchen, Gardens, Spa, Home Theatre , Fitness centre etc .Three different Suites provide different setup options which vary for each of them. The apartments luxurious ornamentation includes Gold leafed painted walls , Stucco and mirror work, Overhanging Jharokha private terraces , Private business centre cum Office ,meeting rooms, library, butler service, and section for accommodation of private staff.


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