Marari Beach Resort by CGH Earth

Marari Beach Resort a Specimen for the Fine Art of Being!

Overview of Marari Beach Resort

Marari Beach Resort a Specimen for the Fine Art of Being!

Unwind and Relax the Marari Way

A quite different sea-side village experience, set on 30 acres adorned with coconut groves, lily ponds, fruit trees and a large organic farm. This seaside resort, Marari beach in Mararikulam, is set up in honour to the fisherfolk of this region who convey its spirit in more apparent and delicate ways. The guest cottages of the resort resonate their lodging in elegance while the cuisine reflects the culinary subtleties of these people. The receptivity and culture of these people have been inspired by the charms and challenges of the oceans.

An Uplifting Coastal Tale

Marari Beach

Marari beach is the authentic embodiment of the gentle ways of life of the fisherfolk of Mararikulam which the inspiration for it has been. The resort resonances the ease, exquisiteness and synchronization of Malabar’s coastal cultures in its whole thing, even from the thatched cottages to the preservation of the resort property.

The gorgeous nature and the exquisite wellness which are ubiquitous at Marari manage all your experiences! You will be covered by the warmth and revitalizing hug while the brisk but gentle sun touches and tones your skin and holds you in its warm as you stroll, swim or sit by the sea.

If you are a nature lover of every shade, you can identify that Marari is a quite unusual vitrine of variety. The resort has naturalists who can help you about the complex ecosystems that define the unique ecology of the Malabar coasts. It has a catalogue which mentions 97 species of butterflies, 350 species of endemic plants, 3 varieties of turtles, 10 types of frogs and around 80 species of birds that you will come across contingent with the season.


Sea-side Living

Marari Beach Resort is distinguished for the simplicity and attention it gives out in the cottages and villas. Having made with the native stuffs and filled with an instinctive appealing, the resort has become a rare kind of abode of pleasure and privacy to make you put your feet up. The bathroom setting at the resort is the piece de resistance as it has been designed to copycat nature. Bathe under open skies with rustling leaves, murmuring winds and in the company of gleaming stars is amusing! Quite different from the expected setting, Marari Beach Resort has no TV. The genuine reason that the resort asks is that why you would need a TV when there are spectacular sunsets, rolling ocean waves and swaying trees exhibit lives before you each day.

Amenities & Services

Marari Beach Resort is distinguished for the simplicity and attention it gives out in the cottages and villas. Having made with the native stuffs and filled with an instinctive appealing, the resort has become a rare kind of abode of pleasure and privacy to make you put your feet up. The bathroom setting at the resort is the piece de resistance as it has been designed to copycat nature. Bathe under open skies with rustling leaves, murmuring winds and in the company of gleaming stars is amusing! Quite different from the expected setting, Marari Beach Resort has no TV. The genuine reason that the resort asks is that why you would need a TV when there are spectacular sunsets, rolling ocean waves and swaying trees exhibit lives before you each day.

Check-in at 2 pm & Check-out at 11 am

Garden Villa

Garden Villas are standard rooms that include a living cum bedroom, a private sit out and a partially open-to-sky bathroom. It has twin bedded rooms and large bedded rooms and three pairs of such rooms are interconnecting ones. Two cottages are specially designed for guests with special needs like wheelchair friendly room with no steps and railings in the bathroom etc.

Garden Villa / Pool

These are old-fashioned small villas with an added small private pool to itself. It has twin bedded rooms, large bedded rooms and one for guests with special needs, which is wheelchair-friendly with no steps and has railings in the bathroom etc.

Deluxe Garden Villa / Private Pool

The Deluxe Garden Pool Villas are all large bedded with a separate living room, a spacious bedroom, a passage, a private sit out, a closed bathroom and one bathroom which opens to the sky. The Deluxe Garden Pool Villas have much larger private pool embellished with a garden. One villa is specially designed for those with special needs such as wheelchair friendly room with no steps and has railings in the bathroom etc.

The Little Things in Life

Old Jars, New Uses: Introducing the Versatile Bharani

Amazing use of the old jars as the shower and bath amenities container in the resort rooms! It is the traditional earthenware called ‘Bharani’ and used to make the bathrooms more appealing as well as to avoid plastic containers for the toiletries. Another sign of the advanced move of the resort to reduce waste is seen while fetching you nearer to the native and the natural.

Women First

Kara, a local lady’s support group in Marari with whom CGH Earth has been working with, runs a hand weaving centre to make the traditional cotton bath and face towels reputed for their user-friendliness and practicality.

Saying it with Flowers

Unique floral art, on the beds in the cottages done by the creative housekeeping staff, adds a caring touch of vibrant colour to the heartfelt welcome that looks forward you.

A Village by The Sea

Evening Chai (Tea)

Warm up with the rejuvenating cup of chai, from the chai chettan who shows exceptional milk ribbon skills! This is the traditional South Indian way of serving tea hot by pouring from one glass to another in a special way. Enjoy that sight and later, sip your tea and have a good time.

Self-sustained Ecosystem

The whole property of Marari Beach is sustainable; it is designed with bio-gas produced with kitchen leftovers, and recycled waste water system. All things are designed to be eco-friendly!

Butterfly Garden

The butterfly garden has been painstakingly developed by our naturalists to preserve the living spaces of the various species of butterflies that reside here. It is a beautiful sight to watch the colourful butterflies fly around and sipping nectar from flowers in the garden.

Yoga by the Beach

The calm waves of the Arabian Sea accompany you while you learn the asanas on your journey to well-being. Yoga is an ancient science for controlling your body and mind. Yoga relaxes many chronic pains such as lower back pain and arthritis. It improves your energy level and is good for your overall health.

Swimming Pool

Take a relaxing dip in our large pool surrounded by lush greenery. Forget your worries for a while and get rejuvenated by swimming for some time.

Maritime Signs

As the resort is in entirely a fishing village, it has met all the preparations for all kind of awkward sea conditions and always take protections for safety. So you need not worry or be insecure about being safe.

Experience the Fishing Village

Taking an early morning walk to the fish-landing harbour is exciting! You can watch how the fishermen make their catch with skill and patience. Fishermen catching the fish is a sight to be seen to understand their hard work and physical skills.

Vitamin Sea

“The cure for anything is salt water – Sweat, tears and sea water” – Dinesen. Salt water is quite good for your health.

Seafood Grill

Be fascinated with the mouth-watering fish items! The fresh catch from the sea and grilling with the high-quality spices will give you the perfect dining experience.


A Coastal Extravaganza

The fresh fish from the sea is the soul of the Marari cuisine. Fresh fish and crustaceans are prepared with coconut and natural spices offer a wide range of of delicacies that establish the signature taste and flavours of the resort. Also, the fruits and greens from the own organic gardens of the resort make you the menus that are occupied with variety and wholesomeness.

Organic Farm Kitchen

You can explore the excellent edible ones as the nature offers many gifts in this blessed soil.
Have the freedom to feel this garden your personal pantry, where you’re free to choose ingredients and conjure unique recipes.
Chance for going to the kitchen and observe a masterclass.
It’s time to serve! The freshly cooked dishes are placed in traditional wares for the finishing touch.
Finally! It’s time to taste the delicious food!

Seafood Grill

Be ready and smack your lips at the resort scrumptious menu. Lunch 12.30 - 2.30 PM and dinner 7.30 - 9.30 PM.
Treat seafood with utmost care, using only the finest ingredients and spices to craft the dishes.
At dinnertime, the restaurant is lit up with candlelight and great conversations.
Dig into the Fennel & Coriander Crusted Fish, and more from the menu.

Palm Bar

Get what’s precious at the palm bar! Eat, drink and make merry. Order your favourite food and drinks and have a gala time. You can have special dinners on request.

Chakara Restaurant

Ask the staff for the day’s special!
  Breakfast -7.30-10 AM, Lunch -12.30-2.30 PM and Dinner -7.30-10 PM.
You can choose from the best of Indian and continental cuisines at the resort buffet, whether it’s a French Beef Bourguignon or some traditional Kozhi Mappas.
Rave about Chemeen Manga Curry and Kozhi Kurumulagu roast, which are the must try of Kerala cuisine.



The resort has Ayurvedic centre and qualified doctors who you can consult with. They are pleased to introduce you to this ancient form of no-side-effects medicine. It has a full range of treatments and traditional Kerala massages on offer. A great way to start your Marari day!.

Organic Farm Kitchen

The organic garden spread over four acres of the Marari Beach resort grows a variety of vegetables and fruits. You can enjoy of plucking the vegetables from the garden and cooking the same with the help of the in-house chef.

Butterfly Garden

Did you ever notice that butterflies never fly at night? Or that they are alive only for a month, so it takes generations to change from one field to the next? Spending time in the butterfly garden and reach a dancing, flitting new realm of nature is thrilling!

Naturalist Led Walks

Marari is a heaven for nature lovers and just a morning walk with one of the naturalists is beneficial in two ways; to introduce yourself to the Malabar coast’s unique ecosystem and discover its countless attractions. You can expect to find 97 species of butterflies, more than 350 species of prevalent plants, 3 varieties of turtles, and even 10 kinds of frogs. There are too many birds to even name.

Swim in the Sea

Being located on the gorgeous Arabian Sea, the west coast of India, Marari Beach is a seaside resort. The gleaming golden sand and the swaying palm trees make the resort quite pretty and creates you a lovely memory that will prompt you visit again and again!

Backwater Cruising

Marari Beach is located on a strip of land with sea on one side and the backwaters on the other. A day cruising on the Vembanad lake or over the narrow canals to discover life in the Kuttanad region is thrilling!

Enriching Village Visits

Living in the fishing villages around Marari Beach Resort is both enthralling and charming. While the men going to sea for catching fish and come home with the catch of the day and stories of the sea, the women manage small scale units at home to renovate natural resources around for meeting their daily lives. It will be a new delightful experience for you to spend some time of your holiday to see-through these villages and the ways of life they lead. You can select to walk, cycle or cruise to any of these villages. The resort has a visit itinerary that is lovely and exciting.

Fish-Landing Harbour

It will be a strange experience if you take an early morning walk with the resort naturalist to the fish-landing harbour. It will help you to be joggled out of your waking hours. Fresh catch being brought in from the sea, distributors bargaining for the stock, sea of baskets being rushed away inland with the freshest of fish, a visit to the harbour gives every guest the throb of this small fishing village.


A Large Cool Pool

The large Salt-Water swimming pool gives a comfy welcome to you to have a swim. If it is a hot day, the longing to calm down can be intense. Immerse in the fresh and clear water to make yourself refreshed.

Be Restored

A range of herbal massages and relaxing therapies help you restore your state of well-being.

Gifts to Remember

The gift shop of the resort helps attain treasures from Kerala to present your loved ones. There is a fine range of unique crafts that are local in nature and traditional in spirit.

Know Your Place

Mararikulam, a beach village in the district of Alappuzha, Kerala, lies 75 km from the nearest Airport, Cochin International Airport. The surroundings of this place manifest a unique bio diversity. The naturalist at the resort interpretation center can help know more about this fascinating sea side village and its natural history. The name ‘Marari’ originates from the name of the main city ‘Mararikulam’ which means Lord Siva. Also, there is the famous temple Mararikulam Mahadevar temple dedicated to Lord Siva.

Unite Body and Mind

The yoga centre guided by experts at Marari is open all days for sessions. You are welcome to watch and interact with the Ayurveda therapists while they practice their severe and complex Kalari Payattu asanas every other day and learn a few if you wish.


The resort has Wi-Fi across the property to help you get closer on work or with friends and family. The resort team wants that you enjoy a CGH Earth holiday best and when you are offline and free up your senses to let nature overwhelm you for a change, the effect is wonderful.

Sports at the Beach

The resort offers the facility for sporting activity to play badminton, tennis and volley ball at Marari if you are given to some rigorous sporting activity. Also, if some of you feel like some special outsider bonding, you can join the resort staff in the evenings for a few games like football or volley ball.

Books by the Sea

The resort cottage by the beach side has a small library and you can spend a lazy afternoon lying on a hammock in the coconut grove. You could also overhaul with your own book if you need some silent space for some serious reading. Spending time by the beach side with the rustling sounds of palm fronds and the bang of ocean waves not far away is pleasurable.



Beach Way of Life

Marari Beach is in the Alapuzha district of Kerala, India. The momentous thing about this resort is that it is a prudently nurtured biodiversity sanctuary that surpasses the typical sun, surf and sand themes of most beach resorts. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and far uninvolved from the wild scream of the trendy hotspots and beach raves, Marari’s motifs are area and silence. 55 acres of mind-boggling space is gorgeously arranged to give you consistent with your expectation. The resort property is an enormous green stretch scattered with lotus ponds and muttering coconut groves laced and decorated with stone-flagged pathways. A wind-break of palms is all through the extent of the resort property. After that, you can enjoy sand, sea and sky whispering their secret enchantments.

Fishing for Experience

The fishing experience at Marari Beach Resort, is wonderful enough to experience right from hauling in the treasures of the sea, to bargaining for the best price in the market.

Gems from the Sea

Marari beach, the serene and secluded beach in South India is a home to an exciting fishing community.

Market in Motion

Full of fresh catch baskets make their way to the kitchens of Mararikulam, you can experience the strange excitement while the fish landing.

A Refreshing Escape

Marari Beach is calm and serene and thus a perfect holiday destination. The fishing community helps for a delicious seafood every day, and you are blessed with the taste of the countryside culture.


Wonder More
Pay For 5 & Stay For 6 Nights

If you want to make a choice, you can Mix & Mix and Match the properties from the CGH Earth experiences listed below.

Casino Hotel, Kochi
Brunton Boatyard, Fort Kochi
Eighth Bastion, Fort Kochi
Beach Gate Bungalows, Fort Kochi
Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom
Spice Coast Cruises, Vembanad
Marari Beach Resort, Mararikulam
Spice Village, Thekkady
Wayanad Wild, Wayanad
Tamil Nadu
Visalam, Chettinad
Mantra Koodam, Kumbakonam
Palais De Mahe, Pondicherry
Maison Perumal, Pondicherry
Package Includes:

The sixth night will be offered on the base type room on full board basis (with accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner and all taxes) A minimum stay of 5 consecutive paid nights is required.
Stay after the 6th night will be charged on a per night basis.
This offer cannot be combined with any other offers.
Please mention CGH Earth - Wonder More while making the reservation.

How do you feel if you encounter with a tiger in the wild? To stay in a 150-year-old ‘tharavad’ house? To spend a night on a ‘ketuvallam’ on the calm backwaters? To visit the ancient Chola temples, and feel transported to the past? To delve into the historic streets of Pondicherry on a cycle-rickshaw? This summer gets you wonders with “CGH EARTH WONDER MORE” offer. A tour package that brings together the best of reliable Kerala and Tamil Nadu experiences, where you can stay for 6 nights while pay for only 5.

Contact us to know more about this exclusive summer offer, and the innumerable experiences that wait for you at each of these thrilling destinations.

Unforgettable Kerala
7 Nights Package to Experience the Best of Kerala

If you want to make a choice, you can Mix & Mix and Match the properties from the CGH Earth experiences listed below.

Day 1
Cochin Airport – Fort Cochin
Arrival at the Cochin International Airport- drive to Fort Kochi.
Traditional welcome at Brunton Boatyard - an elegant boutique hotel that is a blend of Portuguese, Dutch and British influences, overseeing the historic harbour.
Enjoy Your Time at Leisure- You can spend time by the pool or take a stroll through the green courtyards of Brunton Boatyard.
Explore the Destination that Keeps Many Stories
  • Old Spice Markets
  • Jew Street and Synagogue
  • The Dutch Palace
  • Santa Cruz Basilica
  • St. Francis Church
  • Chinese fishing nets and David Hall.
  • Return to Brunton Boatyard for the night.
Day 2
Fort Cochin – Thekkady
Get up for your 5-hour drive to Thekkady. Journey through rice fields and rubber plantations. See coffee, cardamom, pepper and tea estates.
Reach 2000 ft. up at Spice Village, a tribal village adjacent to the Periyar forest.
Enjoy a true eco-living experience, complete with a spice garden, in the elephant grass thatched cottage.
End the evening with a cooking demo with spices by the Chef followed by a cultural program.
Get Sleep in the Spice Village.
Day 3
Start your day with a wholesome, delicious breakfast for a trek through the Periyar wilderness, a safeguarded elephant and tiger reserve with the park rangers.
Join the resort resident naturalist on a tour to the spice garden.
Know about the plentiful flora and fauna of Periyar in the evening, before settling down for dinner.
Partake in a cooking demo with spices.
Enjoy a tribal cultural performance.
Retire for the night in the Village.
Day 4
Thekkady – Kumarakom
  • After breakfast, begin a morning drive to Kumarakom where you’ll shift to a boat and reach on the banks of Lake Vembanad.
  • Land straight onto the reception of Coconut Lagoon, made from reinstated heritage homes, set in a network of canals on the banks of the Kavanar river.
  • Catch great moments of cooking in authentic Keralan cuisine organized by the Chef.
  • Relaxing in the evening and enjoy a traditional cultural performance, before going to bed.
Day 5
  • Practicing yoga and meditation in the morning, followed by breakfast.
  • Going for bird watching with the resident naturalist and learn about the conservation methods.
  • Understanding village life with a local and study all about a different world.
  • Enjoy a lazy afternoon by the pool.
  • Enjoying a sunset cruise on the lake in a converted rice boat, accompanied by a flute performance in the evening.
  • Return to Coconut Lagoon for the night.
Day 6
Kumarakom – Mararikulam
  • Start the forward journey to Mararikulam, where you reach to a traditional welcome at Marari Beach Resort.
  • Being an eco-extension of a fisherman’s village, Marari Beach offers you complete relaxation in natural settings.
  • Relax by the beach and retire for the night.
Day 7
  • The neighbouring community of Marari Beach Resort shows you the art of pampering in the moment.
  • Travelling the region on a bicycle or take a dip in the sea.
  • Watch fishermen spool in the catch of the day, stroll through the nearby village and crop organic foodstuffs at Marari Beach’s four-acre organic garden.
  • Unique experiences with Ayurveda treatments and feel yourself relaxed holistically- body, mind and soul.
Day 8
Mararikulam – Cochin Airport
  • Return journey with a drive to Cochin International Airport.
  • While taking off, remember to enjoy a bird’s-eye- view of the vast area you have just travelled and begin to plan your next holiday with us.
Package Includes
  • Accommodation in a standard category room.
  • Breakfast
  • All taxes for the room and breakfast.
  • Airport Transfers (Arrival and departure).
  • All ground transfers between places.
  • Late check-out depending on availability.
  • Sunset Cruise at Coconut Lagoon and Brunton Boatyard.
  • Bird watching at Coconut Lagoon and Marari Beach.
  • Naturalist guided tours at Coconut Lagoon, Spice Village and Marari Beach.
  • Cooking demonstrations at all resorts.
  • Guided group yoga sessions in the morning.
  • Bicycles to rent at Brunton Boatyard, Spice Village and Marari Beach.
Not Included
  • Your lunches and dinners.
  • Beverages (Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic).
  • International & Domestic flights.
  • Visa for India and Travel Insurance.
  • All other expenses of personal nature.

One-week lengthy trip through God’s Own Country, where you experience the best of Kerala. You start with a trip down history, discovering the heritage town of Fort Kochi. Followed by a sightseeing the nature’s wonders in Thekkady, a tranquil backwaters experience in Kumarakom and signing off with sun and sands on the beaches of Mararikulam. It offers a lifetime of memorable experiences.

A Journey Across South India With CGH Earth
Culture, Cuisine & Coast

A 2-week holiday that will stay with you for long.

Day 1
Chennai - Pondicherry
  • Reach at the Chennai Airport and leave for Pondicherry.
  • Stop at Mahabalipuram, a 90-minute drive away, to visit the Shore Temple, a World Heritage Monument.
  • After exploring the rock-cut architecture, have lunch at Radisson Resort Temple Bay. Continue for two hours to Pondicherry and check-in at Maison Perumal.
  • Spend the rest of your evening at the beach.
Day 2
  • Start a guided tour of Pondicherry with Auroville.
  • Founded in 1958, Auroville is a township devised as an experiment in human unity. It now has 50,000 residents of different nationalities and is a must-see for being the only township of its kind in the world.
  • Stay for lunch at the visitor’s centre.
  • Visit Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the Botanical Gardens, churches and museums in the afternoon.
  • Spend the evening at your leisure, before calling it a night at Maison Perumal.
Day 3
Pondicherry To Kumbakonam
  • Checking-out after breakfast and boarding for Kumbakonam.
  • Stopping at Cuddalore to visit Fort St. David and the Garden House.
  • Continue to Chidambaram to visit the Shiva Nataraja Temple, one of South India’s most ancient temples.
  • After a further two-hour drive, arrive near Kumbakonam at Mantra Veppathur.
  • Check-in and spend the rest of the evening at leisure.
Day 4
  • Visit the breath-taking Gangaikonda Cholapuram and Darasuram temples, boarding of many art and architectural treasures.
  • Head back to Mantra Veppathur to appreciate the other available activities from bullock-cart rides to Bharatanatyam.
Day 5
Kumbakonam To Chettinad
  • Check-out after breakfast and begin the journey to Chettinad.
  • En-route stop at Tanjore to visit the great Brihadishwara temple and take a break for lunch at Hotel Parisutham.
  • Continue the drive for a further two-hours and reach at Visalam, Chettinad.
Day 6
  • Visit the Raja’s Palace, old Chettiar mansions and clan temples.
  • Shop for handmade pieces at the Athangudi village, learn about the intricate handloom process of saree weaving, buying souvenirs at the local markets and take a bullock cart ride or cycle tour.
  • After a day of adventure, wind-down at Visalam.
Day 7
Chettinad To Thekkady
  • After a delicious breakfast, set out for Thekkady.
  • Stopping by Madurai to visit lofty gopurams at Sree Meenakshi Temple and have lunch at Hotel Heritage.
  • Reach at Thekkady in three-and- a-half hours to crisp mountain air at Spice Village.
  • Partake in a cooking demo with spices and experience a tribal cultural performance.
  • Realize the enormous biodiversity within the resort.
Day 8
  • Morning trekking, after breakfast, to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary with a forest guard.
  • Visit spice plantations and ride an elephant in the afternoon.
  • In the evening, study about the profuse flora and fauna of Periyar from the naturalist, before settling down for dinner.
Day 9
Thekkady To Kumarakom
  • Morning drive to Kumarakom.
  • Three-and- a-half- hours later, switch to a boat and arrive on the shores of Lake Vembanad.
  • Land straight onto the reception of Coconut Lagoon.
  • Watch a cooking demo and traditional cultural performance.
  • Open sunset views as you relax on a hammock by the lake.
Day 10
  • Wake up & morning session of yoga before breakfast.
  • Follow the birdsong on a tour with our naturalist.
  • Return to Coconut Lagoon for a village walk and environmental tour.
  • Spend a lazy afternoon relaxing by the pool.
  • In the evening, sunset cruise accompanied by a flute performance.
Day 11
Lake Vembanad
  • Start the day with yoga, again, and watch a Kalaripayattu session before breakfast.
  • Board a traditional Kettuvallam houseboat in the afternoon, courtesy Spice Coast Cruises. Explore the backwaters of Kumarakom and Alleppey.
  • Dock at 6 in the evening and dinner on board.
  • Overnight stay on your houseboat.
Day 12

Wake up & breakfast on your houseboat before stopping at the Puthenangadi boat jetty. Continue to Mararikulam and check-in at Marari Beach Resort. Spend the rest of your day on the beach.

Day 13
  • After breakfast, explore the fishing villages on a bicycle or take a dip in the sea.
  • In the afternoon, visit to the organic farm from where the resort gets the fresh ingredients that make the gourmet dishes.
  • Retire for the night at Marari Beach Resort.
Day 14
Mararikulam To Fort Cochin

After the breakfast, drive to Fort Cochin. Upon arrival, check-in at Brunton Boatyard and taste the variety of gourmet cuisines at the different restaurants of the resort. Relax at the pool overseeing the harbour and sunset cruise in the evening.

Day 15
Fort Cochin

After a big breakfast, set out for a full day tour to Cochin which gives you an occasion to see all the best loved sights- the spice markets, Jew Street and Synagogue, Dutch Palace, Santa Cruz Basilica, St. Francis Church and Chinese fishing nets. Watch an art show at the contemporary gallery and café, David Hall.

Relish dinner in the warmth of Brunton Boatyard’s Armory Café.

Day 16
Your Journey Home

Breakfast and transfer to the Airport. Distance from Airport - 88 km from Cochin International Airport

Things to Do

In House Complimentary Activities

Kalarippayattu performance
Explore the butterfly garden
A talk on ‘Ayurveda’ by the doctor
Walking tour of our ecological initiatives
Visit the organic farm
Cooking demonstration
Evening Tea Cart Service
Instrumental music in the evening
Saree/Dhoti demonstration
Bird watching
Swimming in the sea
Laze around the beach

Activities Outside the Resort

The Temple Trail - A Half Day Guided Trip to 5 Major Temples of Alappuzha, Kerala

The Shiva temple at Mararikulam
The Devi temple at Mullackal, Alleppey
The Jain temple at Alleppey
The famous Krishna temple at Ambalapuzha
and the serpent god temple at Mannarshala.

Country Boat Ride

One-hour cruise on a country canoe led by the experienced resort guide.

Sightsee Through the Small Inland Canals.
A Visit to the Fish Landing.


Five Star


Mini Bar (Chargeable)
Shaving Kit
Dental Kit
Hair Dryer
Tea / Coffee Maker
2 Glass Bottle Packaged Drinking Water per Day
Sewing Kit
Electric Iron on Request
Safe Deposit Locker
Hot and Cold Water

Green Leaf Certified Ayurveda Centre

The Ayurveda centre has 10 therapy rooms.

Getting There

88 km from Cochin International Airport


Ayurveda Centre Yoga & Meditation Hall Shop
Business Centre Swimming Pool Bicycles
Badminton/Tennis/Beach Volleyball Evening Tea Cart Service Book House Boat
3 Restaurants Bar serving Alcoholic Beverages Tea / Coffee Maker
Tea Cart Service in the lawns during the evenings Laundry WiFi (Complimentary)
Mini Bar (Chargeable) Dental Kit Shaving Kit
Comb Bathrobe Hairdryer
Footwear Glass Bottled Packaged Drinking Water Sewing Kit
Electric Iron on request Safe Deposit Locker Hot & Cold Water
Air-Conditioned Rooms
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