Kayaloram Lake Resort

Overview of Kayaloram Lake Resort

The Kayaloram Lake Resort is a traditional Backwater Resort located near Vembanad Lake in Alappuzha. Set in the middle of natural beauty including coconut palms, orchid gardens and manicured lawns all around, it’s a sight to behold. The Resort is classified to be a heritage property by the Indian Government. It is an architectural masterpiece built in a traditional way that evokes nostalgia and simultaneously offers all modern luxuries to the guests.

There are a number of wooden cottages which are beautifully carved that faces the lake on an end as well as by the side of a pool. There are a great variety of tropical butterflies and there is an Ayurveda Treatment Centre offering authentic Ayurveda Treatments in Kayaloram. The natural greenery surrounding Kayaloram cannot be described in words.

You can go for a cruise on a traditional boat that was used to carry rice; known as rice barge which is renovated and made into a houseboat in the bewitching backwaters of Alappuzha. This will be an unforgettable, once in a lifetime kind of experience. After the boat ride, enjoy a delicious Kerala Sadya with all the exotic spices and dishes especially the local cuisine of Alleppey.


This is a Heritage Resort owned by Indian Government. The Kayaloram Heritage Lake Resort is one among the few remaining architectural wonders in Kerala which is abundant in natural beauty and offers all luxuries of the latest resorts for a cool getaway. The beautiful Vembanad Lake is on one side and the cool greenery of the paddy fields on the other end. In short, Kayaloram is the perfect getaway place for enjoying an unforgettable meeting with nature.


Lake View and Pool View Rooms

Kayaloram Heritage Backwater Resort has cottages which are put into different category of rooms-Lake View and Pool View and are built in traditional Kerala Architecture. Wood is the main component for creating furniture and buildings. The interior decoration is downplayed using natural textiles in hushed tones.

The rooms are constructed according to the age old science of Vastushastra that brings together all the benefits of the five elements of nature to create a compatible atmosphere for living and working. This facilitates spiritual well-being as well as paves the way for better health, wealth, peace and well-being.

The facilities in rooms include open air showers as well as all the amenities of a modern resort.


Discover the blend of life science and nature !

Ayurveda is the oldest healing science known to humans. It is older than 3000 years and its literal meaning is ‘the science of life’. (‘ayur’ means life and ‘veda’ means knowledge). It is the science of proper living and gives accurate guidance to individuals for leading a prolonged and healthy life. This is an organic and a time-tested way of healing which cures in a holistic manner without having side effects. Ayurveda is practised in the truest form in the Kayaloram Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Centre in Alappuzha. Embrace eternal youth ! Its time to indulge and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Kayaloram is the top among the sought after resorts in Alappuzha specialised in Ayurveda. They are an award-winning resort who have won a lot of accolades from Tourism Department, Government of Kerala for being an authentic Centre of Ayurveda. They are lead by a team of Ayurvedic Professionals who are highly experienced as well as qualified.

These are the specially recommended Ayurvedic therapies.


Do you feel tired ?

Give a new life to yourself, let all your tensions flow away and let youth with all its glow stay with you. Kayaloram Resort gives a package which is exclusive and it is appropriately titled as ‘Manasanthi’ ( ‘mana’ means ‘mind’ and ‘Shanthi’ means ‘peace’) which aims to rejuvenate your whole being including body, soul and mind. This is a therapeutic combination which selects the best from a combination of various streams of wellness such as Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga. This guarantees peace of mind and take away all your tiredness, lack of sleep as well as stress.


The word ‘pancha’ means ‘five’ and ‘karma’ means ‘action’. So together, ‘panchakarma’ indicates the five therapeutic measures which are applied for rejuvenating and cleaning up your whole system. There are innumerable benefits for this on your overall health. This is recommended as the first therapy before the beginning of other therapies. Panchakarma has various stages such as pre-purification and purification. The procedures include Purvakarma, Snehana (oil massage), Vamana (emesis therapy), Virechana (purgation therapy) , Nasya (nasal administration) and many more.


This is the Ayurvedic treatment for obesity. Ayurveda is preferred all over the world for losing weight because there are no side effects involved. There are qualified and experienced Ayurvedic Professionals who conduct Therapeutic sessions. There are medicated steam baths, special Ayurvedic massages which aid in correcting the imbalances in your hormones as well as remove all the excess fat from your body. This will help to improve your blood circulation and also avoid deposit of fat.


The heritage and traditions of Ayurveda are kept intact only by a few resorts like Kayaloram Heritage Lake Resort.

The word ‘Ayurveda’ comes from the words ‘ayur’(life) and ‘veda’(science of knowledge). This science of life is pioneered by the famous sages – Susrutha, Charaka and Vagbhata. Ayurveda propogates a global view which puts the environment as the main component. It is eco-centric and gives importance to preventing an illness more than curing it. Ayurveda orients itself towards a lifestyle which is healthy and full of enlightenment.

Ayurveda aims at curing your whole system i.e. your body, mind and soul. There will be detoxification, rejuvenation as well as beauty treatments.

About Us

All-season therapeutic packages of different kinds are available at Mir Hotels & Resorts. The monsoon season is the most perfect season for a thorough ayurvedic treatment. The various treatments are rejuvenation therapy, different clinical packages, beauty care etc. which really brings about solid results in your looks and general feel. The Ayurvedic Spa at Kayaloram as well as Krishnatheeram has developed a specialized Ayurveda treatment menu that suits all tastes and moods.

Panel of Consultant Doctors

Senior Consultant

Chief Consultants

Dr. C.D. Sahadevan - General Medicine
Rtd. Senior Medical Officer
Govt. of Kerala (By prior appointment)
Dr. Thajudeen Kutty MD (Ay)
Rtd. Professor,
Dept. of Salyathantra
Govt. Ayurveda College
Thiruvananthapuram (By prior appointment)
Dr. Jayachandran. BAMS
Medical Officer (On leave)
Govt. of Kerala
Dr. P. Anil Kumar. BAMS
Managing Director
Healingveda Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Consultant Physicians

Dr. Sudhi, Consultant, Krishnatheeram
Dr. Anup, Consultant, Kayaloram
Dr.Shaji.T, Consultant, Healingveda Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Dr. Emy Jayachandran, Consultant, Healingveda Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Dr. Poornasree, Consultant, Healingveda Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Relaxation Programme

Day 1 – 3
Forenoon: General body massage with medicated steam bath
Afternoon: Njavarakkizhy
Day 4 and 5
Forenoon: Pizhichil
Afternoon: Shirodhara
Day 6 and 8
Forenoon: Podikizhi
Afternoon: Ksheeradhara
Ayurvedic Diet - An effective ayurvedic diet would be recommended for the clients.
Yoga - Half an hour yoga session at 7‘o clock in the morning.
Internal Medication - Health drinks will be given twice daily.

Stress Relieving Programme (7 Days)

This is a one week long programme which includes various procedures such as General Body Massage, Shirodhara, Njavarakkizhy, Kati Vasthi, Nasyam, Pichu, Thalam etc. which are done as per the instructions from the doctor. As per the individual’s condition, this programme may be extended up to even two weeks.

Ayurvedic Diet - An effective ayurvedic diet would be recommended for the clients.
Yoga - Half an hour yoga session at 7‘o clock in the morning.
Internal Medication - Health drinks will be given twice daily.

Rejuvenation Programme

Day 1 - 7
Forenoon: General body massage and steam bath Afternoon: Podikizhi and medicated bath

Day 8 - 14
Forenoon: General body massage and steam bath
Afternoon: Njavarakkizhy
Day 15 - 21
Forenoon: Ksheeradhara
Afternoon: Njavarakkizhy
Day 22 - 35
Forenoon: Pizhichil
Afternoon: Shirodhara
Strict ayurvedic diet, half an hour of yoga and health drinks, twice daily, are recommended for clients.

Rejuvenation Programme For Old Age Disorders

For every individual, there is an age of stagnation. It falls in the middle age period for all humans i.e. after youth and before old age, the age between 40 to 60. You cannot prevent aging as it’s a natural process for all living beings. As you get older, the tissue metabolism get decreased and your bones degenerate. Then your body will be exposed to a lot of illnesses like lack of sleep (insomnia), high blood pressure, rheumatism, diabetes, osteo arthritis etc. The rejuvenation therapy is aimed to revitalize your cells, bones and nerves and also to promote your inner peace of mind. Those who like to live long and stay fit as well as have good health, should do the rejuvenation therapy.

Specialized Treatments


In this programme, Shirodhara, body massage, thalam and several other packages are included. This programme is for two weeks or 14 days.

Rheumatic Arthritis

In this programme general body massage, njavarakkizhy, pizhichil, podikizhi, lepam and vasthi will be carried out according to the doctor's advice. The duration of this programme can only be decided after consulting the in-house doctor. This programme is for a minimum of two weeks.


Special ayurvedic herbal juices are given for a period of 3 days in 6 doses.


This programme includes Thakra Dhara, lepam and internal medication. The duration could only be decided after consulting the in- house Ayurveda physician.


This programme includes two types of massages.
1. Udvarthanam
2. Oil Massage
It also includes medicated steam bath, herbal tea and a course of medicines. A Special ayurvedic diet would be recommended during this period. (Treatment for three to four weeks depending on your body constitution).



There is a multi-cuisine restaurant that specializes in delicious and fresh salt water fish. There are a wide array of dishes that includes Kerala Meals, various vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The must-eat food is the Chef’s Speciality – Fried Pearl spot Fish. You have various fun activities there like going for deep lake fishing and cooking the catch. There are dedicated staff waiting to assist you in cooking. You can get the fish cooked by the chef as well.


The Kerala Backwater Resort offer a lot of fascinating experiences which will reveal the lovely aspects about Kuttanad as well as Alleppey. There will be a lot of activities for you like deep lake fishing, Shikara and houseboat cruises and speed boat rides, treks through local villages with the help of guides and going for cycling via the country roads. There is a unique open air butterfly conservatory which houses rare and exquisite species of the butterflies which fly around the resort’s beautiful orchid garden.


Alappuzha or Alleppey is often called as “Venice of the East”. It is the home to Kerala Backwaters and is a widely popular tourist destination, especially for people who search for a quite and peaceful place for a getaway. Canals, lagoons and lakes run in all directions in Alappuzha. The pristine natural beauty attract people from near and far and is a great relief to all the stress accumulated in your mind over the years and is also is a great honeymoon destination.

The annual Snake Boat races that happens in Alappuzha is an event that attracts viewers from far and wide. People within and outside Kerala gather in Alappuzha to witness the event. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday along with good adventure, Alappuzha is the right place for you.


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