Cherai Beach Resorts (Beach & Backwaters) (Pvt. Ltd.), located on the north-end of the Vypeen Island in Kochi, is at the Gateway to Muziris. It is a natural blending of the sea and the backwaters; 25 kms from Cochin International Airport. This tropical paradise beckons you with its pleasant exotica, enchanting beaches, calm backwaters, swaying coconut lagoons, lush green paddy fields, delicious cuisine - an inspiring tradition and heritage!
Feel the uniqueness of Cherai Beach Resort with Kerala’s life, culture, tradition and heritage! You are the Royal Guest!

“Kerala is God’s Own Country,Welcome to His Permanent Address.”
“Bringing out the best that nature has to offer;A rare Blend of Beauty;The Beach and Backwaters for you.”

Cherai Beach Resorts superbly landscaped with lagoons and canals winding in and around several cottages (heritage & modern) is built around pretty foliage overseeing the front beach and serene backwaters behind.

Traditional heritage Fishermen villas facing backwaters & the Modern villas fully air-conditioned with all the modern facilities are other attractions. In a word, this resort is designed with great adoration and style where each detail is just picture-perfect.

It is fascinating that you can watch Sun rise at the backwater side of the resorts. Initially, you see a charming wave of crimson at the eastern horizon, when it reaches Cherai, it condenses to melted gold and in minutes you can see it’s wonderful merging with the abundant skies and backwaters turning everything in and around into a fusion of crimson yellowish gold. You can watch the blazing sunset in front of the resorts in the Arabian Sea.


Luxury Villas

Pool Villas

It resembles the fishermen villas situated along the bank of the backwaters. Keeping the charm with round master bed and an up-stair balcony, overlooking the open lake, this villa is furnished with Jacuzzi and a Mini Pool - intended solely for Honeymooners.
⦁ Round bed ⦁ Mini pool ⦁ Upstairs balcony ⦁ Mini bar ⦁ LCD TV ⦁ Wall mounted Aquarium
⦁ Tea/Coffee maker ⦁ Facility for extra bed

Fishermen Villas

It is a category of typical Kerala style tribal houses and each villa is matchless. Built with natural products like coir, bamboo, roof thatched with palm leaves, mud plastered walls, it is decorated with paintings and floor with terracotta tiles. The gentle sea breeze and the backwaters cool the room naturally. These Air-conditioned individual cottages are supreme for Honeymooners. Non-A/c Fishermen villa with basic amenities and family villas are also available.
⦁ Master/ Twin bed ⦁ Mini bar ⦁ LCD TV ⦁ Tea/ Coffee maker ⦁ Facility for extra bed

Sunrise Villas

Sunrise villas are exotic independent villas which offer a wonderful view of the backwaters. These villas have all modern facilities, a separate courtyard with elegant gardens, hammocks and sun bath facilities. You can experience the warmth of the rising sun from the Master Bedroom.
⦁ Master/ Twin bed ⦁ Balcony facing backwaters ⦁ Mini bar ⦁ LCD TV ⦁ Tea/ Coffee maker ⦁ Facility for extra bed

Premium Villas

Doctors Premium Villas

⦁ 1 Bedroom Doctors Premium Villa: 15 nos ⦁ 2 Bedroom Family Villa: 2 nos
⦁ Mini bar ⦁ LCD TV ⦁ Tea/ Coffee maker ⦁ Facility for extra bed

Garden Villas

These are Kerala villas bounded by scenic greenery with all modern facilities.
⦁ Master/ Twin bed ⦁ Fridge ⦁ LCD TV ⦁ Tea/ Coffee maker ⦁ Facility for extra bed

Deluxe Villas

Doctor’s Villas

Doctor’s Villas are expansive Lotus Pond facing A/c villas, easily accessible to the beach, with all modern facilities including Television, Minibar, Hot & Cold water etc.
⦁ Master/ Twin bed ⦁ Mini bar ⦁ TV ⦁ Tea/ Coffee maker ⦁ Facility for extra bed


Ayurveda, the science of life, originated 5000 years ago, is the ancient system of medicine. The literal meaning of the word ‘Ayurveda’ is “Life and Knowledge” (‘ayu’ means life, ‘veda’ means knowledge). It is the ancient system of medicine which is time tested with proven efficiency in healthcare and diseases. In Ayurveda the treatments are divided into two types. I) Shodhana and II) Shamana.

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Shodhana consists of five purification procedures so it is called Panchakarma.

⦁ Vamana (Emesis)

⦁ Virechana (Purgation)

⦁ Nasya (Nasal Application)

⦁ Vasthi (Enema Therapy)

⦁ Raktamokshana (Blood Letting)

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Shamana is the rejuvenation through internal medicines, exercises and treatments. Human body like this universe is made out of five elements and they are called Panchamahabhutas & seven tissues called Saptha Dhathus.


Air, Ether - Vatha, Fire - Pitha - Tridosha, Water - Kapha, Earth

Saptha Dhathus

Rasa (Blood Plasma), Raktha (Blood), Mamsa (Muscle), Medas (Fat), Asthi (Bone), Majja (Bone Marrow), Sukla (Semen or Ovam)
These 3 doshas are present in every human body in different proportions called “Dosha prakruty” or “body types”. The evaluation of ‘prakruthy’ is vital in Ayurveda treatments. All the medicines, diets, internal medicines can be prescribed after considering these Tridoshas. Cherai Beach Resorts offers holistic authentic traditional ayurvedic treatments at its govt. approved green leaf accredited Ayurveda centre called Ayurmana Spa.
These therapies are thoroughly scheduled with a splendid, soothing combination of therapies that protect the body during the weary summer. Traditionally, these therapies are done with soothing oils and cooling buttermilk, to replenish the dried-up cells and organs.
⦁ Ayurveda Monsoon Care

As per ancient inscriptions, the monsoon season is the best season for Panchakarma treatments. The changes in the climate has a great impact on the body and mind. The skin pores open faster due to the high moisture during monsoon hence the skin can absorb the Ayurvedic oil better.
As per Malayalam calendar, Karkidakam is the last month (falls in July or August) and is the period of monsoon season. The people are more susceptible to diseases and it becomes vital to follow health treatments in rainy season. This month is considered a challenging month in terms of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Karkidaka Chikilsa is a traditional treatment process followed in Kerala at the time of monsoon season since ancient times.
A medicated porridge called Oushadha Kanji/ Karkidaka Kanji is a medicinal rice soup and a traditional item of Kerala is also prepared and served to enhance the effect of the therapies that help for improving the immunity and to prevent diseases during karkidaka month. It is a tasty dish that helps protect against the monsoon fevers.
Ayurmana Signature Therapy : 90 min
Combination of 3 Therapies:
⦁ Full body oil massage, for the skin to glow.
⦁ Powder massage, Body scrubbing for dead skin removal.
⦁ Medicated milk bath: decoction of herbs mixed with milk. Poured on the body from both sides.
Relaxation Massage : 1.00 hr
Head to Toe Massage done with “Soft pressure” using medicated Ayurvedic oil.
Rejuvenation Massage : 1.00 hr
Head to Toe Massage done with “Medium pressure” using medicated Ayurvedic oil.
Kerala Kalari Massage : 1.00 hr
Deep tissue massage/head to toe. Massage done with the feet of therapist performed by a martial art (Kalari) expert.
Medicated oil is poured on the forehead in an oscillating manner : 70 min
Part body : 30 min
Full body : 70 min
Kizhi: (A pouch is used made with herbal leaves/powders/ medicated rice/lemon etc) This therapy is used for strengthening the joints & muscles. It includes the body massage also.

Treatments Duration
Sirodhara 70 min
Kizhi (Medicated Pouch Massage) Part/Full (30 min/70 min)
Relaxation Massage 1.00 hr
Dheha Kaanthi (Beauty Therapies) 1.30 hr
Vadanakanthi (Ayurvedic Facial) 40 min
Nasyam 30 min
Udwarthanam 1.00 hr
Kerala Kalari Massage (Massage with Feet) 1.00 hr
Rejuvenation Massage 1.00 hr
Head, Face, Neck & Shoulder 30 min
Leg Massage 30 min
Njavaralepam (For Children) 45 min
Abhyangam (For Children) 30 min
Steam Bath 20 min


Shirodhara (shiro-dar-a) is a unique, blissful therapy which purifies the mind, reduces anxiety, headaches, and expands awareness. While doing shirodhara, the client lies down upon a massage table with their eyes covered and a specially prepared warm herbal oil is poured in a thin steady stream directly onto the forehead. Shirodhara is done only after head massage with oil. It is useful in relieving stress, insomnia, hair problems such as dandruff, alopecia and psychological disorders. Shirodhara can be administered on its own or as part of a panchakarma purification therapy.
Duration -1 hour.

Kizhi (Part/Full)-Medicated Pouch Massage

Kizhi is a complete Ayurveda rejuvenation massage therapy and mainly intends to enhance and protect the health and wellness of the whole body. It is a form of massage in which pouches are prepared by medicinal powders/herbal leaves/steamed rice and each one of the ingredients is prescribed by the doctor. It is beneficial in neuromuscular diseases, obesity and recovers vigor and vitality. Duration is important in this massage.
Duration - Part - 30 minutes.
Full Body - 70 minutes.

Relaxation Massage-Sarvangam Uzhichil

In this therapy, whole body massage is administered to give relaxation to the body, relieve stress and bring total coolness to the mind as in meditation. In these days, stress has become a part of daily life, and this massage seems really an advantage. It is useful in relieving muscle pains and sprains, headache, sleep disturbances and discomforts of jet lag.
Duration -1 hour.

Dehakanthi-Beauty Massage

Dehakanthi-beauty massage is used for cosmetic purpose; it is a nice blending of Ayurveda and natural medicine. Fruit juices and ayurvedic powders are used for this massage. Medicated milk bath, special ayurvedic body pack and body scrubs are also a part of this massage. It helps to enhance the skin glow and retains it healthy, soft, cleanses the tissues and removes dead cells. This massage is typically recommended for women.
Duration -1 hour.

Vadanakanthi-Special Ayurvedic Facial Treatment

Unlike other beauty therapies, this is a special facial which is cleansing, toning and moisturizing. This facial treatment uses complete herbal products and Ayurveda face pack is also a part of this. Fruits, leaves and vegetable pulp and small pouches are applied on the face which purify, nurture, and revitalize skin for a luminous glow and make you look much younger. It improves complexion and effective in black marks of pimples.
Duration -1 hour.


Nasya treatment, one among the Ayurveda panchakarma therapies, refers to an Ayurvedic therapy that instills herbal oils, juices or powders through the nasal route. It is done for the purification of the upper part of the body. Nose is considered as the passage to brain, so the nasal drops will easily get absorbed through the mucosa and its effect reaches up to the brain. In this treatment 3-10 drops of medicated oil or herbal leaf juices are applied in the nostrils after steam inhalation. This therapy is effective in facial paralysis, sinusitis, migraine, heaviness in the head, nasal congestion, improves the smell perception and helps to clear the sinus.
Duration - 30 minutes.


Udvarthanam is a stimulating massage with a special herbal powder, done like a scrub for the exfoliation. It is very effective as it uses special herbal powder and gives you many physical benefits. It breaks cellulites, reduces the fat metabolism, fortify the muscles, eliminates impurities and dead cells of the skin and improves blood circulation.
Duration - 1 hour.

Kerala Kalari Massage - Chavitty Uzhichil

This massage has a close affinity with the martial art form of Kerala called Kalari Payattu; one of the supreme martial arts techniques in the world. Kalari massage is done to make the body more flexible and to cure the sprains and dislocations which happens during the kalari payattu. Here in Ayurmana Spa, the resort has the most refined and relaxing form of Kalari massage for keeping the body fit and lean. It is known that the Kings and Queens have undergone this massage to make their body more active, energetic and to keep the liveliness of the body for a long time. Done by male therapists.
Duration - 1 hour.

Rejuvenation Massage

It includes a traditional Ayurvedic massage by the foot of the therapist, more soothing compared to kalari massage. It is a deep tissue massage, which relieves pain, swelling, relaxes the muscles, gives strength to the body, energizes the internal organs and helps to preserve the immunity of the body. It gives a special luminosity to the skin and the body becomes softer and younger.
Duration - 1 hour.

Head-Face-Neck and Shoulder Massage

Head is the most important part of the body and is the seat of all the sense organs. So, head massage has a vital role in stimulating all the senses and it gives quick relaxation to your mind and body. It is helpful in relieving stress, cures insomnia, tension and headaches.
Duration - 30 minutes.
Duration - 1 hour.

Leg Massage

This massage therapy is done precisely below the knee. It is believed that the nerve endings of each organ of the body are under the feet. So, feet massage has special effects on the whole body.
Duration - 30 minutes.

Njavaralepam - For Children

It is a rejuvenation treatment precisely for children. The entire body is made to sweat using rice cooked in an herbal decoction and milk. It is applied all over the body after a gentle massage with oil. This treatment is chosen in malnutrition, muscle wasting and good for poliomyelitis a. It is a cooling and rejuvenating type of treatment.
Duration - 45 minutes.

Abhyangam - For Children

It is a gentle body massage for the children with care. Special medicated oil labelled for children is used in this massage and lukewarm medicated water bath is followed. It reestablishes moistness in the body and strengthens bones and nourishes the body. Duration - 30 minutes.
Duration - 30 minutes.

Steam Bath

It is a medicated steam bath which helps to remove the toxins and morbid material from the body with body massage. It helps immediate absorption of active ingredients of oil by opening the sweat pores in the body and purifies the tissues and gives freshness and lightness to the body.
Duration - 15- 20 minutes.


The Cuisine

Oottupura is the multi-cuisine restaurant where a variety of delicacies to suit your taste is served. Coconut and fish are the main staple food items in the delicacies served. There is a special kitchen for vegetarians and Jain food. Open air Live & Spot for Barbeque and Tandoor. The Mangroves Restaurant is for seafood specialties while Tharavadu is - Beer and Wine parlour.

The Conference Halls

Koothambalam A/C is a banquet hall with the view of Arabian Sea and can include 350 people. Indraprastham (A/C) can accommodate 150 people. Rajadhani A/C conference hall has the panoramic view of Arabian Sea & Coconut Lagoons, with a capacity of 75 people. Boardrooms (A/C) can accommodate 20 people each.

Ayurmana Spa

It is a unique treatment centre which has the facilities for all ayurvedic treatment and Yoga.

Swimming Pool

Health Club & Multi Gym for the fitness of your body. Beach Umbrellas & Beach Benches for sun bath.

The Travel Desk

Available facility at the reception for sightseeing to various places like Fort cochin, Athirapilly water falls, Guruvayoor & Kodungalloor Temples, elephant rearing areas etc. The resort also arranges canal boating in country boats to perceive the village life.
Other Facilities
⦁ Doctor on call ⦁ Money Exchange ⦁ Credit card acceptance ⦁ Library ⦁ Curio shop ⦁ Free Wi-Fi ⦁ Mini fridge in all rooms ⦁ STD, ISD facility ⦁ Same day laundry ⦁ Safe deposit lockers & Ample car parking space

Hammocks and Swings

Hammocks and Swings from where you can adore the beauty of backwaters

Ideal hide outs for Honeymoon Holidays

The resort owns special cottages for honeymooners like Fishermen’s Villa, Sunrise Villas and Pool Villas

The Beach

Cherai Beach, a beach located in Cherai, and a suburb of the city Kochi in the state of Kerala, is the golden beach of Kerala. It is one of the most popular beaches in the state; around 25 km from downtown Kochi and 20 km from Cochin International Airport. You can feel the warmth of the golden rays of sunset in front of the resort and sometimes enjoy the sight of the cute and cuddly dolphins. As the beach is shallow and calm, it is ideal for swimming & sunbathing. You can enjoy a game of beach volley ball & take a dip in the sea. The resort provides all beach amenities like beach benches, towels, umbrellas etc. for your comfort. The High- mast lamp and the newly embellished main beach with the pavement add the beauty of the beach and makes the beach entertaining even at night.

The Backwaters

The backwaters are a blending of lakes, lagoons, canals & estuaries. The guests would have an exclusive experience of catching fish, prawns, lobsters, crabs etc with the traditional fishing methods.
Getting into a country boat and row your way through the gentle river of crystal-clear cold water, along the palm fringed backwaters and paddy fields, is awesome! You can absorb the beauty of Kerala villages with this boat ride. Going to fishermen village, boatyard, fishing harbor and chatting with fishermen are amusing and an unforgettable time pass in your life.
Enjoy a wide variety of funs like country boats carrying paddy or fish, fishermen casting the day’s catch, reapers singing in the fields, agile men climbing on coconut palms, toddy tapper on coconut tree collecting toddy (fermented sap), children splashing water, storks walking and looking for their prey in the paddy fields, the kingfisher diving in for fish, the twitter of birds. You can feel the warmth of the rising sun and the wind whispering on sand; the voice of Kerala. Then you can experience the inspirational typical Kerala rain “The Magic Monsoon”.

View all Amenities and services

The Cuisine The Conference Halls Safe deposit lockers
Swimming Pool Health Club & Multi Gym Beach Umbrellas & Beach Benches
The Travel Desk Hamocks and Swings Ayurveda
Doctor on call Money Exchange Credit card acceptance
Library Curio shop Free Wi-Fi
Mini fridge in all rooms STD, ISD facility Ample car parking space