Ayurveda Equipments

We wish to introduce ourselves as the largest manufacturers and exporters of traditional ayurveda panchakarma equipments and apparatus in India and exporting to all ayurveda centers, star hotels etc in all part of the world.
We provide the necessary equipments and apparatus, table (Droni), Shirodhara stand, steam chambers, and automatic steam generator etc. manufactured in traditional way. We believe that we are the only agency making wooden Droni in “single” piece of wood for more durability and avoid leakage of oil from the table.
We could also provide all oils, powders etc for the use at the centre. We are making this Ayurveda preparation on Bio-energy conservation method - which gives greater potency to the medicines and oils

Ayurveda Massage Table

Ayurveda Wooden Massage Table

Ayurveda Wooden Massage table is made of Wenga Wood, which is normally used in Kerala for making Ayurveda Droni or Ayurveda Pathy. There are other wood used in making the massage table are Kanjiram, Veppu etc, that is not available in the required size. Then Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care uses single piece of wooden top for Ayurveda Massage table. There are different sizes and shapes in our design of Ayurveda Massage table. The normal sizes are 9 feet length, 30’’ width and the height of stand is 4’’. In some cases we could make the Ayurveda Massage table of length 8 feet as well.
Kerala Ayurveda has different models of Ayurveda Massage table which are in all around Dhara pathy, Export Quality Wooden Massage Droni, Massage table with cabinet for keeping the oils and other items. Also, few models with export quality carving as per the special requirements. We have different shapes and models with single piece top in wood and also single joint top Ayurveda Massage tables available with us. Kerala Ayurveda always open for making different models and sizes of massage tables, droni and Shirodhara pathy, as per the requirements of the customer and hospitals. We provide Soft bed along with massage table as well.

Ayurveda Fibreglass Massage Table

Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care produces Fibre glass massage table which of wooden finish and comes with a wooden stand. This is available for export as well. Most of Ayurveda centers and Hospitals normally uses traditional wooden design but in some cases Ayurveda clinics prefer to order Ayurveda massage table, Ayurveda Shirodhara pathy and Droni made of Fibreglass as well.
Fibre glass massage tables are available in 9’ length and if ordered specially then we could make Fibreglass Massage table in 8’ length as well. These Ayurveda Fibreglass massage Droni is with special coating for non-slippery surface so it will be convenient for Pizhichil and other Ayurveda Treatments.

Ayurveda Steam Chamber

Ayurveda sitting type Steam Chamber

Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care are makers of Wooden steam chamber, Wooden Swedana box and also provide Automatic and semi-automatic steam generators along with Steam Chambers. We have different model of Ayurveda Swedana box. We have wooden and fibres glass Steam chambers, which are used for Swedana purposes.
We have sitting type steam chambers and also lying type steam chambers. Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care has different models of Steam chambers. We have models with single door and also double door sitting type steam generators. Also, we are the manufacturers and exporters of lying type steam chamber in different shapes and models. We have Wooden lying type steam chamber with fibre glass transparent top and also with wooden covering as well. Lying type Ayurveda Swedana box is available in export quality with heavy art work in wooden models. All sitting type Ayurveda Swedana box / Ayurveda Steam generators are supplied with copper tube and steam releasing system, adjustable seat, inlet brass fitting and fibre glass moulded sides and floor and wall for water proofing and avoiding damages when sweat and oils falls on the floor of the steam generator. Most of the sitting Swedana chambers are not coming with the Steam generators so you could buy it separate if required for generating the steam.

Ayurveda lying type Steam Chamber

Most of the Ayurveda lying type steam chambers are coming with Steam generators which are in different models like: Automatic or semi-Automatics. Lying type steam chambers fitted with copper tube and steam releasing pipe systems. We include heavy duty fully automatic / semi-automatic steam generators which can be used world over with different electricity voltages. Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care makes wooden lying type steam chambers with special export quality model like butterfly design, elephant design etc which are with more artwork and carvings for more attraction. Some of the designs are highly appreciated and exported to the world over.

Ayurveda Steam Generator

There are different types of steam generators are available for the purpose of Swedana box. Which are basically Fully automatic heavy-duty steam generators and semi-automatic steam generators. Automatic steam generators come with automatic water filling, temperature control and automatic cut off when the required temperature is achieved, no need of manual operators required. In case of Semi-automatic steam generators, there are manpower required for filling the water, adjusting the temperature and stopping the flow of steam if the required temperature is achieved. There are provisions of adding herbs or aromatic products in the water for producing special effect in some models of steam generators.

Ayurveda Shirodhara Stand & Brass Pot

Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care have different models of Shirodhara stand with pot. We normally use Wenga wood for making the Shirodhara stand which are export quality designs and with four legs for stability when doing the Shirodhara. There are other models with wheels and also with three legs as well. Ayurveda Shirodhara set of equipments comes with Dhara pot, which are made of white bronze / brass or copper. We are regularly using brass Shirodhara pot with adjustable valve for the regular flow of oil as per the requirements. Adjustable valve is an advanced option to regulate the flow as per the treatments.

Ayurveda Panchakarma Accessories

Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care provides all kinds of Ayurveda Panchakarma Accessories along with the Ayurveda massage table and other Ayurvedic Equipments. We have more than 25 kind of accessories which are made of brass, bronze or wood as well. These Ayurveda Panchakarma Accessories are used in different stages of Panchakarma treatments and other therapies Ayurveda Panchakarma Accessories consists of brass bowls of different sizes and shapes which are used for carrying, or keeping oils and other products for different therapies. Lota used for Dhara, mortal and pestle, kumkuma cheppu, small brass vilakku/ lamp, thookku vilakku / hanging lamp etc. There are other items – Gokarnam – used for Ayurveda eye treatments / ear treatments, Kindi basically used for Dhara etc. There are many other Ayurveda accessories made of brass which are used in a Traditional Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment center.

Ayurveda Vasti Apparatus

Along with the Ayurveda massage table and other equipments, we provide different kinds of vasti apparatus, which are used for different panchakarma treatments such as Kadhi vasti, Greeva vasti, Janu vasti, Urovasti, Shirovasti, Sneha vasti, Matra Vasti etc. These products are made of stainless steel and edges covered with soft leather. All these export quality products. Shirovasti cap is made of special leather of export quality. Sneha Vasti and Matra vasti items are disposable items.